Tomato Products

Tomato Pulp (Crushed Tomatoes)

O’sole Mio An alchemy that tastes like freshness. The tomatoes are 100% Italian grown in Piacenza, Northern Italy Vapour cooked tomatoes, maintaining all the freshness of recently harvested tomatoes The fresh tomatoes are steamed, extruded and drained until an aromatic tasty product is obtained. The size of the tomato pieces is 10 x 10mm The

Whole Peeled Tomatoes

La Bella Napoli The Whole Peeled Tomatoes are from a factory in Naples, Italy established in 1974 Plum or round tomatoes that have been peeled, vapour cooked and packed in juice Whole canned tomatoes are used in sauces or stews They are the freshest tasting canned tomato product Tomatoes are ‘whole’ therefore need to be

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