Tomato Pulp (Crushed Tomatoes)

O’sole Mio

An alchemy that tastes like freshness.
The tomatoes are 100% Italian grown in Piacenza, Northern Italy
Vapour cooked tomatoes, maintaining all the freshness of recently harvested tomatoes
The fresh tomatoes are steamed, extruded and drained until an aromatic tasty product is obtained.
The size of the tomato pieces is 10 x 10mm
The perfect measure for the customer who wants to see and taste the fresh tomato piece, without
Being intrusive in the mouth
Excellent yield
A finished product insuring consistent quality and quantity
Bag is filled to full capacity
Packing ensures transport/storage less space and is environmentally friendly
Some tasters found it gained a “good texture,” with a “nice balance of sweet and acidic
Excellent for manufacturing of sauces
Suited to both Food Service and Industrial channel
A perfect base for every type of preparation

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